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What are the types of Web site design styles?

1. Full Screen website design


Many web sites began to use Full-screen web design, the use of carefully selected design of the beautiful background, coupled with a reasonable layout of the page, visual impact can be very good to attract the attention of the viewer.Usually the text content on the page is not very much (the small amount of text and the fine typography will become more attractive), mainly to show the main picture.Concise page to give people the experience of simple optimization, generally have a very good dynamic effect, but the content of the display is less.

2. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design specifications require higher because to be compatible with the full end of the browsing experience, so there is a strict picture size requirements, responsive Web site must have a good server, the general response to the Web site load faster than the normal site to open the slow, so have good bandwidth to help the site open a bit faster.Because the computer end and the phone can be a good preview, so the response-type site is favored by many companies, because no need to do a computer-side site to do a mobile phone side of the site.

3. Flat Design

Flat design can be said to be to simplify the design aesthetics.The removal of all decorative designs can be said to be a reversal of the intended materialization design that was previously admired.The biased design is not suitable for all enterprises, but the simple style will allow users to experience a better impression, some enterprises, flat web site can help enterprises reflect a good height, can highlight the brand image of the enterprise.

4. Parallax Rolling Design

Parallax design can be said to be a major breakthrough in the Web site in recent years, but also highly praised.Parallax scrolling is to allow multi-layer backgrounds to scroll at different speeds to form a 3D stereo movement effect, which brings a unique visual sensation to the viewer.

5. Infinite scrolling mode

There are a lot of content on the site, but they do not have a simple paging, but the use of a vertical waterfall flow of the way layout.The contents are arranged vertically, and the content is constantly updated as the user scrolls vertically, seemingly endlessly.This waterfall flow has been popular long before, the earliest use of the layout is Pinterest.Such a scrolling page greatly reduces the number of pages, personally think that for such information is large, daily update data fast site is a relatively good plan.Now the most common should be the waterfall style of the petals site.

6. Rolling Detection website design

Use the CSS implementation to secure the navigation bar at the top of the page (most of the top, of course there are side or bottom), and the layout of the content in accordance with the navigation sequence vertical or horizontal arrangement, so that users click the corresponding navigation tab when the page automatically slide to the corresponding page, and if clicked on the content, navigation will also change.Such a page design page basically will not jump, each tab points to the content of the page is also a basic screen display complete, so the content of the page will be limited.In general, it is also adaptive to not affect the layout.Generally such a design should be the content of the site is not much or do a single page of the promotional page.